4 pieces hologram foil (red, blue, silver, gold); decorative stickers; instructions for use.

Usage instructions:

Wash and dry your hands.

Take the sticker sheet.

Carefully peel off the yellow layer so that the clear layer remains attached to the white backing.

Choose a figure and gently press it with your finger so that you can separate it from the mat.

The detached figure can be detached with or without the white backing. In case it is separated along with the the white pad, remove the pad.

Take a dry dyed or undyed egg and gently transfer the sticker from your finger to the egg shell.

Take a sheet of the color of your choice from the hologram foils and press the matte part of the sheet to the sticker.

Rub well with your finger and peel off the sheet with the hologram foil. If there are places where the foil has not transferred well, try again using another part of the sheet with hologram foil.

Note: Do not use the same part of the hologram foil sheet twice.