Easter egg dye single colors – (B036)


Each color can be used for coloring 20 eggs.

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Each color can be used for coloring 20 eggs.

1. Keep the boiled eggs in warm water. Dissolve the dyes separately in 150 ml hot water and add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar. Immerse the eggs one by one in the solution until reaching the desired color. Dry and rub the eggs with cooking oil to give them a soft shine. If you want your eggs to be with bright colours, use lighter eggs

red – contents: colorants – carmoisine E122, salt orange- Contents: colorants – sunset yellow Е110, salt yellow – Contents: colorants – tartrazine Е102, salt green – Contents: colorants – tartrazine Е102, brilliant blue E133, salt. blue – Contents: colorants – brilliant blue E133, salt violet- Contents: colorants – brilliant blue Е 133, carmoisine E122, salt


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