Egg dye 3 colors liquid + shell lacquer – (B078)

3 liquid egg dyes blue, yellow, red; shell lacquer. For coloring 30 eggs

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3 liquid egg dyes blue, yellow, red; shell lacquer. For coloring 30 eggs

Boil the eggs in salty water and leave them in it to stay warm. Cut the blisters with scissors. Cut the tip of the desired colour and pour into a glass. Add 150 ml hot water and 2 table spoons of vinegar. Immerse  the eggs one by one in the solution until reaching the desired colour. For striped eggs: First color the half of the egg with yellow dye. Dry the egg with a soft napkin and color the same part of the egg with red dye leaving a yellow strip too. Dry the egg again with soft napkin and color the egg with blue dye leaving red and yellow strips. Dry the egg and color the other part the same way. You can use the following combinations of the colors: yellow+blue for green color, yellow+red for orange color and red+blue for violet color. Instruction for the shell lacquer- Leave the colored eggs to dry. Using brush or cotton apply the lacquer on the egg and leave it to dry. Warning! Don’t put the egg with the shell lacquer on a paper while it is still not dried. Don’t wash the brush with water-use the lacquer or ethyl alcohol to soften it again. If you want to make bright and soft colors use brighter eggs.

water; glazing agent: glycerol E422; colorants: tartrazine E102; carmoisine E122, brilliant blue FCF E133, preservatives: potassium sorbate E202; acidity regulator: citric acid E330.

Ingredients for the shell lacquer: solvent: ethyl alcohol; glazing agent: shell lacquer E904.


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