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Stamped Easter eggs (Б091)


The package contains: 5 x 5 ml egg dyes (yellow, orange, green, magenta, mauve), 1 x 5 ml oil, 1 fleece cloth, 4 stamps, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pipette

You will need: Protective newspaper to work on, 5 large empty yoghurt or drinking beakers for the dye solutions, scissors, vinegar,kitchen paper, plates, eggs. You can either just stamp the eggs or color them first in the light-colored dyes (yellow, orange,green) and then stamp them: 1. Boil the eggs and keep warm. 2. Shake the dyes, separate them with the scissors and place in a beaker. A) Stamping eggs 3. Put 4-5 drops of each dye onto the fleece cloth. 4. Press the stamp onto the required color on the fleece cloth. Then stamp the egg with light circular movements. 5. If the color becomes weaker, use the pipette to put 1-2 drops more dye or dye solution onto the fleece cloth. 6. Let the stamped motives to dry. B) Dyeing eggs 3. Put the remaining dyes into the beakers 4. Fill each beaker with about 200 ml cold water and two tablespoons of vinegar. 5. Place one egg into each dye solution. Leave to color for 4-6 minutes. 6. Remove the eggs with the tablespoon, dab with the kitchen paper and leave to dry. 7. When the colored and/or stamped eggs are dry, rub them with oil. Have fun decorating the eggs!

Water, oil, E422 Glycerin, acid: Е260 acetic acid; thickener: E415 xanthan gum, guar gum E412; preservatives: Е202 Kaliumsorbat; colorants: Е102 Tartrazin, E 110 Sunset yellow, Е122 Carmoisin, Е124 Ponceau 6R, Е133 Brilliant Blue FCF


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