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Set of Easter egg patterns – egg dye 6 colors tablets + red; patterns for eggs (Б039)


The package contains: red, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet colors – for coloring 70 eggs; Easter egg patterns; Gloves; Instructions for use.

1.Еaster egg dye Wash and boil the eggs (hard-cooked) in salty water. Dissolve the colour tablets separately in 150 ml of hot water and 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar. The eggs should be painted one by one separately until obtaining an intense colour. Dry and rub the eggs with cooking oil to give them a soft sheen. 2.Еaster egg patterns -The egg should be cooled and dried. Stick the patterns you desire on it and use the Easter egg dye as described in the instructions. Stick off the patterns when the dye becomes dry. -If you wish, you may dye the egg in advance in a lighter colour. Stick the patterns onto the dyed and cooled egg. Dip it again in a darker colour of dye and apply the dye in the traditional way. Dry and stick off the patterns. Polish with oil. -You may use the following colours in combination: yellow+orange yellow+blue yellow+red red+blue

colourants - tartrazine Е102, Sunset Yellow FCF E 110, Carmoisine Е122, Brilliant Blue FCF Е133, cellulose Е460, magnesium stearate Е572, lactose.


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