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Egg dye - 6 colours in capsules for pearl eggs (Б072)


Red, blue, green, yellow, orange and violet colors. For colouring 30 eggs

Instructions for use: Boil the eggs in salty water. Keep the boiled eggs in hot water to stay warm. Pour the content of one colour of capsules in a deeper bowl /make sure that there is no egg dye left in the capsules/ and add one tee spoon with water and after that add one soup spoon of ethyl alcohol or brandy. Stir well until the dye is fully dissolved. Put the egg in the solution and roll it in the dye. You may colour the egg either with a brush or a cotton pad.

colorants: Tartrazine Е102; Sunset Yellow Е110, Carmoisine Е122; Brilliant Blue Е133; Indigotine Е132; Iron oxides and hydroxides Е172; Titanium dioxide Е171; Silver Е174; Magnesium Stearate Е572; gelatin capsules;

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