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Set for hand- drawn Easter eggs (Б064)

Set for hand- drawn Easter eggs (Б064)


The package contains: drawing pen; bee wax; instructions for use Instructions for use: In order to make wax drawing on Easter eggs you need: a pen, a candle, pure bee wax, plenty of imagination and patience.

Choose light average-sized eggs with smooth surface. Leave them for several hours in the room where they will be painted /to reach room temperature/. For this technique it is recommended to use white or relatively light eggs in order to make separate elements more distinguishable. Be careful not to touch the egg too much because it will become with spots. Before you start painting, place eggs in a bowl with vinegar for 20- 30 seconds. This cleans egg spots. Before you start painting with the pen, draw your patterns lightly with a pencil.

1. Heat the pen tip at the flame of the lighted candle. Fill the wide end with pieces of pure bee wax and heat again with the candle. The wax will melt and flow out through the narrow pen opening. Now you can draw all types of ornaments on the egg. Preheat the pen and add wax in the funnel from time to time. !!! Be careful how much you heat the funnel – otherwise the wax will flow uncontrollably over the egg. 2. After colouring the egg and removing wax ornaments that have been covered, they remain white. However, if you want more than one colour on the egg, draw it with wax, place it first in lighter paint and after it gets dry, cover the places you want to keep lighter with wax, then place the egg in orange paint and so on to the darkest colour. 3. Painting the eggs Option I: Raw eggs After making wax drawings, place the eggs in a heat-resistant container and cover them with water. Dissolve the paint in 200 ml hot water and add 2-3 spoons of vinegar. Add the paint solution to the container with eggs and heat slowly for about 30 min to 90 oC (a little below the boiling point). Bring out the painted eggs while they are still hot. Wipe the melted wax with a soft towel or napkin. Option II: Boiled eggs Boil the eggs and let them cool well. Draw with the wax pen. Dissolve a bigger quantity of egg paint in a metal container. Place the drawn eggs in the paint and as soon as they are painted place the metal container with the eggs on a stove at moderate temperature. As soon as the paint heats enough, the wax starts to melt and you should bring out the eggs. While they are still hot, wipe the melted wax with a soft towel or napkin.


№2 Drawing with coloured wax

Choose light, if possible white eggs. Drawings with the pen should be made with wax coloured beforehand with tar or soot, in order to become black (oil paint will have the same effect). These drawings are outlines and the central areas in them and part of the ornaments are drawn with paint /use egg paint with higher concentration/.

№3 Drawing Easter eggs with a pin

1. For this technique you need: a pin (with a glass head), pencil for the pin to stick at the unsharpened side. 2. Wax should be kept melted all the time. 3. Take the pencil with your hand to the side of the pin, dip the head into the melted wax and draw lines on the egg very fast. One dip – one line. To be more precise, this is actually not a line but something similar to a stretched drop. In this way you will make very beautiful flowers and figures. After that dip it into the hot yellow paint, make more patterns with wax, paint with orange paint and so on to the darkest paint. 4. Remove wax from the eggs by heating over the flame of the candle and wiping the egg with a soft towel or napkin.